Coworking office spaces

Coworking spaces available

We have coworking spaces suitable for all sizes of companies including start-ups available at reasonable rent. Each office space has a plinth area of 781 square foot. We have 40 such office spaces available. Both co-working and dedicated office spaces are available in Golapudi, Vijayawada.

Location: Vijayawada

Plinth area: 781 SQFT.

Total area available: 781 X 40 = 31240 SQFT.

Parking space: Included

Price per SQFT: Please contact using This link

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Good atmosphere and 100% vaastu are essential for your business growth. We beleive that your growth is our growth. We have concentrated on everything a business needs to ensure it grows. Concentrate on your business instead of workspace. We have good pricing that is friendly for start ups. You can try out your business idea and expand your business. We have got ample space for your startup.