FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why doesn't Indiaone hire so many people?

Lot of startups who raise funds hire more people than they need.

What happens when you hire more people than you need?

The pressure builds up to keep them busy.

“You start inventing work to keep everyone busy. Artificial work leads to artificial projects. And those artificial projects lead to real costs and complexity.” (Jason Fried)

The costs keep adding up and there is no value being created by these people.

It really sucks to have people on staff who aren't doing anything meaningful.

In a downturn/ recession/ tough times- these people are the first ones to be fired.

If you are joining a Indiaone as an employee, make sure you are sure about your roles, responsibilities and try to understand how crucial you are to the company.

Do you offer work from home jobs?

Yes. We do.

But not all job roles are suitable for work from home.

We are planning to start a start-up company? Do you offer mentorship?


We like young entrepreneurs who like to solve a social problem and try to build new business models. With the experience we gathered over time we can mentor them by giving ideas. We have recently started co-working spaces and office workspaces in Gollapudi,Vijayawada. As per economics a business needs land, labour, capital and organisation. Acquiring office space has become a tough job with the current scenerio of increasing land rates. We are offering office space at lower rents to start ups.

What is the difference between co-working space and office space?

Co-working space means you are offered some space in the same space along with other companies or entrepreneurs. Coworking spaces are generally ideal for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs looking for a better alternative to working from home. These spaces are often home to freelancers, some of whom are just getting their name out and are not tied to any specific business or industry. The benefits are that they provide start-ups with an opportunity to stay lean, an inexpensive avenue for community and collaboration, as well as a lively and dynamic atmosphere that inspires productivity.

Office spaces means your company is given space exclusively. Other companies or entrepreneurs are not allowed in to your company space. As the entire space is not affordable for start ups, they prefer some tables in a co-working space. Successful companies would move to office spaces when they increase their hiring.

We want to run a call-center in the office space. Do you allow?

Any legal business is allowed to lease office space in our premises. A legal registration is required. Some call centers were found to be indulging in cyber crimes. Such activities are not allowed and will be reported to authorities if such information is known.

Somebody claimed himself as working for Indiaone Business Services LLP and cheated

I have come across some people creating social media accounts as if they were working in my company. When ever I came to know I have created a post clarifying that he does not belong to the company.

The company does not take any amounts in cash. Any payment made by our customer or others are accepted only in to the official bank account. If somebody asked you to pay cash or to his personal bank account, he can not be a staff. Beware of making any payments and complain about them to your nearest police station. Always follow this official website for any authentic information.

The company does not take any responisbility by acts of others.

I want to work as an intern/apprentice. Do you provide apprenticeship? Do you provide any salary/stipend to apprentices?

We don't have apprenticeship positions continuously. We won't tie up with colleges regarding apprenticeship. A candidate has to apply on individual basis in case he wants to work as an apprentice. He has to provide atleast 2 references from persons well known in the city and submit a government issued photo identity card voluntarily. He has to sign a non disclousre agreement about the project details and activities in the company.

No salary/ stipend is offered to apprentices. An internship certificate is only issued based on the contribution of his work.