Co-working Office Spaces

We provide co-working office spaces for business purposes. They are suitable for various businesses like computer software/hardware companies, call centers, retail, ecommerce, showrooms, etc. We provide spaces at very low rent, and even startups can afford them. We offer both furnished and unfurnished spaces.

Co-working Office Details
Co-working office details

Co-living spaces

Our co-living spaces are convenient and have a homely atmosphere. Unlike the old-style hostels, our co-living facility provides a comfortable bed, almirah, free wifi, TV, microwave, washing machine to make the lives of our inmates happier. They can pursue their career without worrying much. Hygiene is maintained throughout the facility. Whether you are a student or a job holder, you can get a decent shared room or private room at a low cost and save more.

Co-living Details
Co-living details

Software development

Ours is basically a computer software company. We are a product development company. We work on Cloud computing infrastructure to build world-class products and solutions.

Software Development